Lego Medieval Knights – Jousting & Melee

During the Medieval Ages, the knight’s main purpose was to protect the manor. But when they weren’t battling their invaders, they were battling each other in tournaments. The two events were Jousting & Melee. This video was made for a history project about knights in the Medieval times. Hope everyone enjoys!

Watch Here:




Becoming An Uncle – Vlog 3

So today, I became an Uncle! My sister was due during early November, but when she went to the doctors, she found out that she had preeclampsia, which pretty much means she has high blood pressure. Two days after she found out about this, they induced her. Then at 8:00am this morning she gave birth to a baby girl. The baby is doing well, but unfortunately, my sister’s blood pressure is still high. I’ll put an update on Twitter/edit this description when we get more information. Thanks so much for your prayers, and for watching this video.